Ubuntu: Why is Ubuntu 16.04 so slow to boot on my Dell Inspiron 6000?


Ubuntu takes roughly 3.5 to 4 minutes to boot on my old Dell Inspiron 6000 (2GB Ram).

Removing powerd solved the problem for someone else's device, but powerd is not loaded on my installation.


Ubuntu 16.04 comes with systemd as the start-up manager.

The following command can show you all the startup services of your system from longest to shortest to help you determine what can be causing your slow boot:

systemd-analyze blame  

Here is an example output of that command:

terrance@terrance-ubuntu:~$ systemd-analyze blame            5.077s NetworkManager-wait-online.service            3.921s postfix.service            1.806s winbind.service            1.789s nmbd.service            1.540s samba-ad-dc.service            1.405s dev-sde1.device            1.393s fail2ban.service            1.222s upower.service            1.210s accounts-daemon.service            1.169s vmware.service            1.034s smbd.service             895ms apt-daily.service             797ms media-500GB.mount             768ms media-250GB_SHARE.mount             762ms ModemManager.service             758ms networking.service             683ms media-Seagate.mount             639ms NetworkManager.service             592ms vboxdrv.service             578ms media-320GB.mount             453ms grub-common.service             450ms gpu-manager.service             420ms vmware-USBArbitrator.service  

Hope this helps!


Why so slow?

Ubuntu is a heavy operating system with a lot of demanding resources. It has a lot of "eye-candy" that can slow down the system, too.

Try a different Ubuntu flavor

Other Ubuntu flavors, like Xubuntu or Lubuntu, keep all of the features in Ubuntu but with a lighter and faster interface.

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