Ubuntu: Why can't I log in to my Samba share on my home network?


Recently I've had to reinstall Ubuntu Server 15.10 64-bit after wiping my home server due to an insecure password-only SSH server sitting on it for too long. Now, I'm plagued with setting my machine up again and along with it is Samba shares. I'm able to get Samba to correctly share a folder publicly, but I'm currently looking to make only 1 private share available that can only be signed in from the one main user on the machine.

Testparm gives no errors. Here is my smb.conf file.

I've made sure that:

  1. My user account is a part of the sambashare group.
  2. I have sudo smbpasswd -a <user> and sudo smbpasswd -e <user> for my username on the machine.
  3. My username has permission to read and write folders and files on the folder the share is pointed to.

To make sure there are no errors, I've increased the log level in smb.conf and here is the output of an average sudo service smbd restart on /var/log/samba/log.smbd.

Whenever I go to my Windows machines and go to my server's SMB shares, I see the share "storage" appear. Clicking on it makes it load for a tiny second and then it asks for authentication because access was denied. Then, I type in my server's username & password I set up with smbpasswd and it still says access is denied. What am I missing?

Note: I've installed samba previously on this machine and then immediately purged it after this failure occured. Later, I reinstalled samba and I noted some things were astray. I corrected them and I'm back to this issue again.


The CUPS errors are not an issue. I get those also with my setup and I have no trouble accessing samba shares.

Is your firewall turned on and if so, is samba being blocked?

Is the dylanweber user also a regular login id on your system? Have you tried using your regular login password (if different from what you set for samba)?

If you try to access the share directly from the linux box, does that work? i.e. something like:

> smbclient //  

from a prompt in the host itself logged in as dylanweber


The conclusion that I have reached is that I couldn't connect to my share because the version of Samba that is installed with Ubuntu 15.10 (Samba 4.1.17) had a bug that didn't allow it to properly authenticate users. My solution for this problem was installing Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS and using Samba 4.1.6 along with it. Now Samba works flawlessly.

Note: I retried with a fresh copy of Ubuntu Server 15.10 to validate my conclusion and it is clear that Samba 4.1.17 in Ubuntu Server 15.10 is buggy.

My recommended solution? Install Debian instead.

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