Ubuntu: Which graphical card should I buy to be compatible with Ubuntu 16? [closed]


man radeon  

outputs that my graphical card "Radeon HD 7700 series" is compatible with Ubuntu 16, but it doesn't.

I googled for Nvidia, and they also have problems with Ubuntu 16. That's why I'm a little confused here


  • display ports: 2 Mini-DisplayPort
  • Resolution: minimum 2560x1600
  • PCIe16, PCIe4 or PCIe1


i am currently using 7790 and i am ok with it. I would change with nvidia cause of the proprietary drivers. AMD's open source drivers are not so reliable yet. So my suggestion is 7790/GTX750


Actually when you buy a computer and install an OS on it you can always have problems. You need to buy a preinstalled computer.

I don't get why you are buying a specialized HW to install an alien OS on it.

What I do is buy a computer with a very simple video card, nowadays they perform really well. Nothing specialized like CUDA or OpenCL just plain video card with OpenGL. This should be of common knowledge in the Linux community ...

We should be here to install Linux and kick **s of non-standard HW and that should be all the talk about Ubuntu and HW

It's like a generation of Kamikazes is in rampage

I learned this the hard way in 2008 and not making that mistake again. Games that rely on specialized HW are not worth the trouble believe me. Hyper-Realism is not that enjoyable. ( sorry to be off-topic )

Not so Happy Llamas and they're lookin' at yo...

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