Ubuntu: Where did my .run file install


I downloaded SolarCoin_2.0.8_64bit.run onto my Lubuntu installation. After downloading some additional packages I did the following:

cd /home/user/Downloads  chmod +x SolarCoin_2.0.8_64bit.run  sudo ./SolarCoin_2.0.8_64bit.run  

On installation the program starts. After a restart of the machine, there is no shortcut to launch the program. I looked in /usr/share/applications but solarcoin-qt is not present.

solarcoin-qt is present in /home/user/Downloads/SolarCoin_2.0.8_64bit but attempting to execute it from there leads to an error.

How do I launch this program? Does it somehow need to be installed to a different location?

I tried the command whereis solarcoin-qt, it gives no results.


Open a terminal and run the script again with a leading strace.

sudo strace -e write ./SolarCoin_2.0.8_64bit.run  

and check the written files. These files were written and/or created during the installation.

And as you say, you can see a SIGCHLD; this means that the installation has been completed incorrectly. For this reason you may not see the expected files.

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