Ubuntu: Where are the Unity Launcher .desktop files?


I'd like to know which folder the Unity Launcher .desktop files are stored in, as they're not anymore in /.gconf/desktop and I need to add a custom application to the launcher bar (adding it in /usr/share/applications doesn't seem to be enough).

Where are the Unity Launcher .desktop files?


Globally in


Locally in


If you want to add a custom launcher, create it in ~/.local/share/applications, make it executable, drag and drop it on the launcher*, and finally pin it (right-click on the launcher item â†' Keep In Launcher).

* Opening it using Nautilus doesn't seem to do the trick.


Unity 2D looks for .desktop files in the /usr/share/applications directory. This can be found by using the following in the Terminal:

locate firefox.desktop  

For me it worked by adding one of the launchers that was already there (eg. gimp.desktop) using the following in the Terminal


to add an entry to the favorites list under desktop/unity-2d/launcher.


cd ~/.local/share/applications is the 1st place that is look in.

Examples from my directory that I used to add quicklists:

  ~/.local/share/applications$ ls  banshee.desktop           gnome-terminal.desktop  chromium-browser.desktop  mimeapps.list  firefox.desktop           nautilus-home.desktop  gedit.desktop             ubuntu-software-center.desktop  


I actually found a fix myself! It is necessary to create an entry in alacarte. To customise the icon you must manually edit the icon again from alacarte.


Besides globally in /usr/share/applications, locally in ~/.local/share/applications, it also has in /usr/local/share/applications/. It has similar effects as globally. Some applications choose to put their desktop file in this folder.

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