Ubuntu: What does “Package build-essential is virtual” mean? How to solve it?


I have read other posts, most of them were not solved, and I also tried the "solutions" posted there.

I wasn't successful getting a download link by the terminal apt-get install --print-uris build-essential

I wasn't successful with sudo apt-get install build-essential neither. I have found an .RPM version of build-essential here. though the steps are not working for me.

2ND question. ----I even tried https://community.linuxmint.com/software/view/build-essential to download directly by AptURL but when I open it, it says "Package build-essential is virtual" What does that mean? Or should I say, how would I resolve it?


The package build-essential is essentially an "Informational list of build-essential packages" rather than an actual package, hence the 'virtual' tag. The details of the most 'essential' of these files can be seen here for Trusty Tahr.

A start, if for whatever reason you cannot install the actual 'build-essential' package, would be to run:

sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev g++ gcc libc6-dev make  

And this would provide at least a start for compiling applications...

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