Ubuntu: Using the CCSM, is there a way to run Desktop Cube smoothly with Unity Desktop Manager?


I have tried several times in UBUNTU 15.10 to run the cool looking eye candy option of the Desktop Cube with small to catastrophic failures. Any advice?



CCSM has been dangerous now for a very long time.

See this question about problems with CCSM

I cannot recommend it at all.

Generally the features it provided were moved to more pertinent locations with the advent of Unity, and in some cases nixed. Unity was developed in a completely different mantra - I would not expect smooth sailing, and many, many conflicts.

I'm quite surprised it's still available these days. I remember running Eve Online fondly with desktop cube running!

(Here's my Ubuntu 9.04 +Compiz +Eve Online video from 2009!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tvJssnzNhw

For now, there isn't really an alternative.

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