Ubuntu: updating ClamAV 0.98.7 to 0.99.0 for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


I would like to update my ClamAV antivirus 0.98.7 to 0.99.0 and tried updating it by typing:

sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get install clamav  

After which I got a message:

your clamAV is the newest version?

But when I tried updating the signature database by typing sudo freshclam, I got the message your clamav 0.98.7 is outdated.

I was able to download the ClamTK GUI and was able to update my definitions to the current one but my anti-virus engine is outdated. I tried downloading the 0.99.0 from the clamav website and unpacked the compressed files. When I ran ClamAV using ClamTK, it found 4 threats and the files from the uncompressed ClamAV 0.99.0 were infected.

Is there a way I can allow Synaptic Package manager to locate the software center package of the latest version?

I set up ClamTK to notify me any Antivirus engine updates. I was able to get rid of the infected files. I normally get software updates via package update manager. I have a server version of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS running a GUI version on top of it.


EDIT: It is normal to find infected files in the downloaded application, as they put them in there for test files that you can test with.

I just updated mine to 0.99.0 with a little bit of configuring for the new version.

First, I downloaded the 0.99.0 version from here.

Went to the Downloads folder

cd ~/Downloads  

then ran

tar zxvf clamav-0.99.tar.gz    

to extract all the files. Went to the extracted folder

cd clamav-0.99/  

Had to install openssl part

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev    

Then ran

./configure  make  sudo make install  

After it was installed, I had an issue with the freshclam updater. I had to follow an answer I wrote before to fix the clamav-freshclam updater.

terrance@DV7-UBUNTU:~$ clamscan --version  ClamAV 0.99  

Hope this helps!

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