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I can no longer use Terminix. I remember that last thing I did in Terminix it was setting own command (echo) with option immediately closing terminal. Since then, Terminix always starts and ends at the same time.

What can I do in this situation? I started uninstall.sh script from GitHub's Terminix site but after reinstall it is exactly the same situation.

Command whereis terminix shows me that Terminix is in /usr/bin/terminix and in /usr/share/terminix but remove these locations by rm -rf nothing changes. I have Ubuntu 16.


Re-installing the program doesn't affect the program settings stored in the user profile.

Since Terminix' settings are configured through GSettings, you can reset the responsible configuration option com.gexperts.Terminix.use-custom-command either through the dconf-editor GUI or the gsettings terminal command:

gsettings reset com.gexperts.Terminix use-custom-command  

(I don't have Terminix installed but I read its GSettings schema definition.)


Presumably, you added the echo command using some kind of GUI menu offered by this Terminix program. The simplest way to remove that is to rename its configuration directory. I don't have Terminix installed, so I can't be sure, but it should be either:




So, just run

mv ~/config/terminix ~/config/terminix.old  mv ~/.terminix ~/.terminix.old  

One of the two should work and will rename your existing Terminix configuration directory. All your settings will be lost but you should now be able to open it again.

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