Ubuntu: Ubuntu recovery mode after freeze, x won't start


Ubunutu booting into emergency mode

I had just started my computer into Ubuntu (its a dual boot and the windows side is all working fine) and ran the software updater. As that was running I ran

sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get install lamp-server  

The install-lamp server failed and complained about not being able to access a directory (I didn't note which) and said is another task using it (probably the software updater). Everything froze and was unresponsize, no mouse, no keyboard commands. So I used the power button to shut off my computer. Upon rebooting I am in emergency mode. Tried a few restarts and poked around a bit. Both my drives are mounted and all my files seem to be in place. Startx fails giving the errors could not open builtin file, moddep file (twice) and could not find module by name='nvidia_352_updates'

These builtin and moddep files are in the listed directory.

Any ideas on what I need to do to get my Ubunutu Install back working?

Everything I found thusfar had to do with drives not mounting but all mine are there.

I guess it's worth noting I use a gtx 970 nvidia graphics card...

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