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I have been having a lot of trouble getting Ubuntu to install on my mother board. Fedora however does install. I will use Fedora if I have to but I prefer Ubuntu for many reasons. I was wondering if it is possible to switch the Fedora and Ubuntu kernels. I've never done anything with kernels before and am not even sure if this would help but I don't want to not ask just in case it does. Also, would installing things like graphics card drivers install the same as in Ubuntu or the Fedora way. I don't think the kernel would change this but I just wanna be sure. Thanks for any help. Also the things that don't work in Ubuntu on my motherboard are the Ethernet and the 3.0 usb. the graphics don't work either but i figured out how to fix that problem.


The Fedora kernel is unlikely to work well with Ubuntu as the kernels are not in sync between the distros and each distro has applied distro specific patches such as apparmor in Ubuntu and Selinux in Fedora.

You are probably better off compiling a custom kernel from the ubuntu repositories using the ubuntu patches.

Better, what problem are you having with which ubuntu kernel ?

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