Ubuntu: Ubuntu Installation: Attempt to mount a filesystem with type ext4 in SCSI7 (0,0,0). partition #1 at / failed.


I'm seeking help with an issue I'm having with my Ubuntu install.

I have a new HP Zbook with an SSD. Windows 7 was installed on it without a problem.

First I tried the "Erase disk and install Ubuntu" option. After going through all of various steps, the install fails with this message:

"Attempt to mount a filesystem with type ext4 in SCSI7 (0,0,0). partition #1 at / failed."

Each time that this happens, I am forced to reboot because GParted and the installer are unable to detect any partition details from the drive.

I know that I'm not the first to post about this error message. I've been googling and reading about this for a couple of days now. I've tried all of the solutions that seemed to work for those other posts.

Here are some of the approaches that I've taken that have failed.

1) Be sure that the boot more is AHCI. It is.

2) Install the partitions before doing the install. The live ISO that I'm booting to is shipped with GParted 0.18.0. I tried making an ext4 partition. The operation completes and then I get an error: "Error fsyncing/closing /dev/sda: Remote I/O error" So I downloaded the live Gparted ISO which runs version 0.24.0 and booted that. With this version I was able to partition the ext4 partition and a swap partition to use for the install. Once I booted back into the install I chose the "Something Else" option and selected those partitions. I told the ext4 to mount to /. After selecting the country I get a new error: " [Errno 30] Read-only file system: '/target/bin'."

I'm pretty stuck. I can provide any additional information or run any diagnostic commands upon request.

I appreciate any help!


Thank you to those who replied! It turns out that the kernel version that was shipped with the installers I was using was not compatible with the hardware. I used and older version of Mint (17.1) and that kernel worked perfectly.


EDIT: MikeD, can you share which version of the kernel worked? EDIT2: Seems kernel 3.13 works. It would be nice to understand if any newer versions will work.

I don't have a solution yet, but don't have the reputation to comment (so apologies for this being an "answer"). I've fought the same issue on 2 different HP ZBook 14 G2 laptops - each with a Liteon CX1-JB512-HP PCIe SSD. What's even more interesting is that, when trying to format ext4 partitions, gparted somehow screws with the existing Windows/NTFS partitions. There's gotta be something related to this hardware. Fresh installs of Windows 7 work without any issue.

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