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Dear more experienced Linux users! I have several PC-s on which I can run Ubuntu (or some other distro of linux) without a problem, but on one of my machines the installation fails every time. It's an old P4 Asrock 775 DualVsta, 2gb ram, P4 661 cpu, Nvidia 8600gt silent pipeII gpu, Win 8.1 installed. A few months ago I tried to install Ubuntu on this nasty machine, but during installation (or startup in the try without install mode) the progress bar stopped and after that nothing happened. Tried installing from USB and from DVD too -nothing- the boot disks and drives worked flawlessly on other machines.

Now several months later I replaced the old IDE drive with an 1TB sata one, and I tought its time to try installing Ubuntu on this one again. I downloaded Ubuntu 14.04.3 created a bootable stick with UniversalUSBinstaller, tried it out in another PC (Win 8.1 installed too) no problems, the try without insall mode starts as it should (no caching mode page found message- but skips it and starts). Then comes the harder part (for me at least) plug it in the problematic pc, boot from the stick, select try without install, and then I get the no caching mode page found message and it stops there, nothing happens anymore. I searched BIOS for UEFI settings (or legacy) but I couldn't find anything like that. The legacy mode is enabled in usb settings. Tried to make another stick-same results. Now I simply don't know what to do. I really appreciate any kind of help Thanks!


I think I have found a solution. I pressed the Tab button (during boot) to open Grub, and with the nomodeset command the system finally started.

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