Ubuntu: Ubuntu 16.04 GTX 850M and nvidia drivers cause login screen fail to load


I upgraded from Ubuntu 15.10 to Ubuntu 16.04 (which should be a stable LTS) and when I rebooted the system the login screen failed to load, a lot of [FAILED] lines appeared and a text login prompt was flickering on and off making it impossible to login or do anything. After a few failed attempts to recover the system I resolved myself to save the files I needed from Windows and to re-install the system anew.

After the re-install, since the nouveau drivers cause the PC to overheat I decided to try my luck changing the drivers to the proprietary drivers. As they worked on the 15.10 I stupidly thought that they should also work on the 16.04 forgetting how much it sucks when it comes to video drivers here... As a result the behaviour was the same as when I upgraded.

I tried various driver versions, added nomodeset to the Grub line, disabled secure boot... nothing working (some suggestions: Graphics issues after/while installing Ubuntu 16.04/16.10 with NVIDIA graphics).

To solve this problem I purged all nvidia-* packages, reinstalled xorg from scratch and now I can AT LEAST log in. Nice for an LTS release.

However I cannot change the brightness of the screen and if I suspend the PC it won't really wake up, but it will stay blank.

In addition

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  

doesn't do anything. It just fails silently.

For now I would just like to be able to bring the system back to the initial working state without the brightness and suspend problems and without having to waste other time reinstalling and re-configuring everything.

Do you have any suggestions?



I have the same card that you... that card has something called optimus... you can select if you want to work with the intel core, or the nvidia core...

I have problems with the nvidia core... (I cant login, cant suspend my PC)... I solve the problem doing this

sudo apt-get purge nvidia*  sudo apt-get install nvidia nvidia-prime  sudo prime-select intel  

If you already had your graphic card installer, you can try using just sudo prime-select intel

When I work with the intel core of my graphic card, I have no problems...

I have a similar problem that you... you can check my topic here: Problem installing ubuntu with nvidia geforce gfx 850


I had the same problem since yesterday evening. I suspect it was caused by a recent kernel update. Check your kernel version:

uname -r  

For me, the nvidia driver does not work with version 4.4.0-21, but it does with a older kernel from Ubuntu 16.04, 4.4.0-18.

Here is how you can test this: If you have the nvidia drivers still installed, make sure dkms builds kernel modules for all installed kernels.

Then reboot into the GRUB boot menu, go to Advanced Options and boot the older kernel. You should now be able to login. You can run the nvidia-settings tool to make sure you are running the nvidia drivers.

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