Ubuntu: Ubuntu 14 stuck at loading screen


I was trying to install the crossover package on my laptop when the following happened:

  1. Icons started getting removed from the sidebar (or launcher?)
  2. The package manager was unresponsive for >5 minutes when I tried to stop the installation
  3. I tried to shutdown and at this point everything else was also unresponsive
  4. I shut it down with a long press of the power button
  5. I start it again and it's stuck in the start up screen (purple background + 5 dots)

apt-get upgrade results in this:

enter image description here (Click images to enlarge)


enter image description here

There were some other questions which were solved by fixing LightDM; however that's correct in my laptop.

This is the output on pressing Esc:

kernel output

There was a thread which suggested aptitude install lightdm but when I do that I'm told that all the packages mentioned above (in apt-get upgrade) will be removed and ~500 MB will be freed. So I'm not sure if that's the way to go.


A random thought made me try unity -v which told me that unity wasn't installed.

$ sudo apt-get install unity and I got to the login screen. Here I couldn't get in despite entering the correct password.

By following the steps given here I entered sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop and managed to login.

A few programs that were previously installed are now missing but I managed to login successfully without losing any files.


Have you try this:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall unity  dconf reset -f /etc/compiz   unity --replace --reset-icon &disown  

and it might work fine this way

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