Ubuntu: transmission-remote: How to monitor list of torrents in terminal?


I have just installed transmission on my server which runs Ubuntu desktop. I have no issue with downloading files and so forth, but would like to keep a terminal window open on my work computer where I can see how far download have come.

Currently I do this with transmission-remote -n 'user:pwd' -l, but this just outputs the current status for the torrents at that given second. I would like a similar list, but one that keeps updating so I don't have to type the above command all the time.

Anyone know a way to do this? I saw a guy do it with this cmd: transmission-remote-cli.. but i don't have that.. I have transmission-cli but I can't get it to work as the guy with used transmission-remote-cli did.

Hope somebody can help :-)


There is no option to constantly monitor the status of transmission-daemon using transmission-cli, it's just not a tool made for that.

transmission-remote-cli on the other hand works very well for that. Do you have a specific reason to not install it?

sudo apt-get install transmission-remote-cli  

You would be able to connect to the daemon simply by running:

transmission-remote-cli -c host:port  

Or in case you enabled authentication on the daemon:

transmission-remote-cli -c username:password@host:port  

Otherwise, yet another option would be connecting to the daemon using the web interface by visiting:


Obviously host and port in the above commands / URL are to be replaced with the host and the port of the server running the daemon.


The watch command can be used to run a program periodically and show the output.

I don't have transmission installed so I can't test this, but something like

watch --interval 5 'transmission-remote -n 'user:pwd' -l'  

should do what you want.

More information on watch by typing man watch or here

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