Ubuntu: Toggle hidden files on and off when using :Lex command in Vim


How do I toggle hidden files on and off when using the Explorer commands eg. :Lex?

I don't wish to edit or create a complicated .vimrc file, but rather just use a one liner inside the Vim editor.


use gh to toggle hidden files, from :h pi_netrw.txt

The "gh" mapping (see |netrw-gh|) quickly alternates between the usual hiding list and the hiding of files or directories that begin with ".".

also from :h netrw-gh:

netrw-gh netrw-hide
As a quick shortcut, one may press > gh to toggle between hiding files which begin with a period (dot) and not hiding them.

If you were using a plugin like NERDTree the equivalent would be I to toggle hidden files.

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