Ubuntu: ThinkPad T430 Linux


Forgive me if this is a question that has been asked many times before. I am a complete newbie when it comes to Ubuntu, or Linux for that matter. I just received a ThinkPad T430 without an operating system. Considering installing ubuntu but recommended is vr 12.04 lts. Can I install 16.04 lts without major issues? Machine specs are Intel i7, 8gb ram, I think it's Nvidia?, 240 GB ssd. Thanks in advance! Dariusz


Of course you can. Check for more info here after you install, which will largely help you settle in:



Yes you can but if you want to just test it and make sure everything works I suggest creating a Live USB/CD and try that.



Once you have tested it out, and you are not having issues you can install it directly from the Live version. Come back here if you need any more help, or have any more questions.

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