Ubuntu: Switching to AHCI causes somewhat bricked (?) dell xps 9350


I was looking to dual boot Windows 10 and ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a dell xps 9350. gparted/ubuntu was unable to detect the drive to commence an install (live usb worked great), so it was suggested to load bios and switch to AHCI.

Now the system does not start at all - the keyboard lights up, and the backlight for the screen, but nothing appears.

Cannot boot back to live USB, windows recovery USB not working - do I need to do a bios over USB?


I had a similar problem, and found that Dell has a procedure to access BIOS anyway: hold down Fn key and turn computer on. That leads you to a test screen, from where you can access BIOS and change whatever setting you need to. Here you can find it.


the fix for this is as follows:

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