Ubuntu: Suddenly no sound


My sound stopped working just from doing nothing. I was afk for about two hours and when I came back there simply was no sound. Restarted my system several times. When using speaker-test on my headphones I get the following error: Playback open error: -16,Device or resource busy I asked google and tried some guides but couldn't find any solution. My sound is definitely not muted in the alsamixer


In order to fix this I had to go into the alsamixer and switch the analog output from "Stereo Headphones FP" to "Stereo Headphones".


I facing a problem is, when playing video in the half way. Suddenly turn off my volume, but after i check it all is not mute. I try to go into alsamixer and disable the "Auto-mute" function. Now so far is all work fine for me! ^_^

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