Ubuntu: Some weird glitching of the graphical interface


My issue is that ubuntu is almost unuseable right now. the top and left bars disappeared and the keyboard shortcuts are not working. I am running Ubuntu 14. By opening a folder from the desktop I am able to navigate trough the file system.

The OS showed some problems before I restarted it. I installed Oracle VirtualBox, but it disappeared. Then the Software Center disappeared too.

I can still open applications, but I can't move some of them around the screen.

Is there anything I can do about that, or I shall reinstall the OS?


Honestly, at that point I personally would reformat the disk and perform a clean install. Usually this is much faster & easier that spending hours troubleshooting your system. Hopefully you have your data backed up on an external drive, or copied to DVDs..

There is great software for backing up your system called Clonezilla:


With this you simply copy your drive to an external drive, and restore when needed.

You can download here:


I hope that helps.

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