Ubuntu: A simple picture editing software - for adding text to image


I'm looking for a software to combine photo and text, I don't need special effects just that one function. Is there a free software that is also easy to use?

I'm using Xubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 12.04


While i would recommend Gimp as well there are for sure alternatives. If it comes to being small and limited you could take a look on Shutter.

Shutter itself is a screenshot tool in the first place, but it has an edit mode with some limited editing.

It can as well load images and therefor isn't limited to screenshots/images generated with shutter itself.

The sidebar in the edit-mode comes with a Add text dialog which should cover your needs.

Install options

Shutter should be available in the default repositories, but the project itself recommends using a ppa to get the latest versions.

In case you are using the default repositories, you can install shutter via:

sudo apt install shutter  

Instructions regarding the ppa can be found here.


Command line

Very fast, medium difficulty: Imagemagick For some ideas on how to use the convert -annotate flag of Imagemagick, check the answers to this question:


The ever classic, generally steep learning curve, but very easy for the simple task you asked for: The Gimp

In Gimp, you will find the functionality under tools --> text

Another alternative, I have never tested myself though is pinta.


The following softwares meet your request.

GUI software:

  • single file: GIMP
  • bulk files: phatch

CLI software:

  • ImageMagick

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