Ubuntu: Sharing Wifi connection over ethernet, Still no internet access


I am trying to share my laptops (16.04) wifi connection with a beagle bone (14.04 no gui) through ethernet. I've done this process before on a raspberry pi and an odroid-xu4 but the same process does not seem to be working for the beagle bone.

ping www.google.com hangs for awhile until finally saying unknown host

sudo apt-get update hangs on 0% connecting to ports.ubuntu.com until eventually having many failed connections and errors.

Here is my network settings on my laptop:

enter image description here

And here are the settings for my beagle bone:

enter image description here

Those are all the settings that I can think of that are relevant (ifconfigs are posted below because I don't have rep to post more than 2 links...)


I have now fixed my problem. I added


to my resolv.conf file on the beagle bone and can now ping and run apt-get update.

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