Ubuntu: RT3290 Ralink driver in Ubuntu


I have found that there is a large community suffering from the problems with the WiFi-Bluetooth card Ralink RT-3290. It has been a problem since 2012-2013.

None of the solutions I've found is simple, effective and durable.

I managed, with great effort, some results. But when there is a kernel update, the problems return.

Can anyone provide a simple , effective and lasting solution?
Is there a project from Ubuntu's developers to attack the problem?


For bluetooth support there is an updated rtbth version for latest kernel versions (it works in my 4.4.6)

Here is the URL: https://github.com/alinefr/rtbth

From Ubuntu you need to

make  sudo make install  sudo dkms install rtbth/3.9.3  

The kernel module is called rtbth

For Wireless support, latest kernel from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus), at the moment, 4.4.0 should work out of the box with rt2800pci module.


Generally, the answer above is a steps in a correct direction. There are only two steps missing.

Step-by-step solution Open new terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and type as follows:

 sudo apt install git   mkdir ~/tmp   cd ~/tmp   git clone https://github.com/alinefr/rtbth.git   cd rtbth   make   sudo make install   sudo cp -r ~/rtbth /usr/src/rtbth-3.9.3   sudo dkms install rtbth/3.9.3   sudo nano /etc/modules  

Add rtbth to the end of the file, then Ctrl+o and ENTER (to save the file) and Ctrl+X to close the editor

Then reboot and the new driver will be loaded.

This one worked for me to get the Bluetooth to be active and find devices, however, I didn't succeeded to pair my Jabra play clipper with it, but that might be due to the Jabra device problems.

Anyway, you can try it out and share your progress with us


I am using 16.10.

You should replace




in rtbth_core_bluez.c.

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