Ubuntu: Remove XFCE Start-Up/Loading/Boot Screen While Keeping XFCE


I've recently gotten Xfce on my Unity machine. I want to keep Unity and Xfce, but how do I remove the boot/loading screen that says "Xubuntu" when I want it to say "Ubuntu" like it did before I installed Xfce. Please help!

EDIT: I did dpkg-query -W | grep plymouth and it returned

libplymouth4:amd64  0.9.2-3ubuntu13.1  plymouth    0.9.2-3ubuntu13.1  plymouth-label  0.9.2-3ubuntu13.1  plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo  0.9.2-3ubuntu13.1  plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text  0.9.2-3ubuntu13.1  plymouth-theme-xubuntu-logo 16.04.2  plymouth-theme-xubuntu-text 16.04.2  


The boot splash was changed to "Xubuntu" instead of "Ubuntu" because the following packages were installed together with Xubuntu meta package:

plymouth-theme-xubuntu-logo 16.04.2  plymouth-theme-xubuntu-text 16.04.2   

These packages are dependencies of xubuntu-artwork package, which is in turn, one of the dependencies of xubuntu-desktop meta package. You can also check this by running apt-cache rdepends <PACKAGE> to check reverse dependencies for particular package.

Removing "Xubuntu" boot splash

To permanently remove the boot splash, run the following command.

sudo apt-get purge plymouth-theme-xubuntu*  

This command will select both packages above by using an asterisk * as wildcard, which is convenient to remove multiple packages with similar prefix naming.

Finally, reboot to see changes.

Alternative commands

You can also do the same by specifying the package names.

sudo apt-get purge plymouth-theme-xubuntu-logo plymouth-theme-xubuntu-text  

Recent versions of APT makes possible for running just apt instead of apt-get, which makes the purging command to be shortest as below.

sudo apt purge plymouth-theme-xubuntu*  

Regardless of any command being used to purge the boot splash package, no further configuration is needed. APT will run relevant commands and reconfigure the boot splash automatically for you.

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