Ubuntu: Remove one Ubuntu installation using another


I have two installations of Ubuntu 15.10 on my laptop, and I want to get rid of one of them. How can I remove one of them? I've seen a lot of answers to questions, but they all deal with how to install from a startup disk or something like that, and wipe the hard drive. I want to keep one installation of Ubuntu, and remove the other.


So, you have Ubuntu A and Ubuntu B. Let's say you boot up in Ubuntu A that you want to keep. Open GParted, unmount partition with Ubuntu B then select swap partition (if any), right-click on it and choose swapoff. Swapoff is important, so don't miss it. Select partition with Ubuntu B and delete that partition. Apply changes.

Open a Terminal window and type:

sudo update-grub

Close Terminal and reboot. After restart, only one Ubuntu (ex-A) should appear in the boot menu.


You can use GParted to format the partition and then run an upgrade grub command to update bootloader that the partition no longer has an OS.


If the two installation are on separate partitions and don't have any common mount points like /home or /bin, you can pretty much safely format the unwanted partition and generate new grub menu entries.

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