Ubuntu: Programs sometimes open on the wrong monitor


I'm running Ubuntu 14.04LTS 32bit version with 2 screens. Graphic card is the Nvidia Geforce 9500GT. One screen is the main monitor, where the other is connected to my beamer for the home cinema.

I'm using the Kodi media center, and have it set up to start fullscreen on the beamer, wich works perfectly.


Sometimes when i'm using the computer normally, and i open a program, that program opens on the beamer output instead of the normal monitor. So i'd have to specially turn on my beamer, wait till it's warmed up, and then i can drag the program to the correct screen. (not really good for the lamp to just turn it on for like 5 minutes or so.)

So, is there an option to force a program to start on the main monitor? If not, is there an option to move the program from display 2, to display 1 with a key combination? so i don't have to specially turn on the beamer for this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Funny that i can write an answer to my own question (even though i'm logged in) but wanted to say that zb's solution is good enough to do the trick :-) Thanks

edit: And now it seems i can mark my own answer as "accepted as answer" i really don't understand this website at all. Sorry.. total newbie here

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