Ubuntu: Problem with DNS in the latest Kubuntu 16.04 update


Today I install Kubuntu 16.04, again, because I'm having trouble to navigate. I have tried all kinds of browser, and with all I have the same problem.

Sometime when I open a page, I received these message "ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED". Once every three pages that I open, I get this problem.

This problem, was not happening, after the installation and before I update the system.

What can I do?



You can test network connectivity with ping command:


if you get reply from Google public DNS, then you have connected to internet and maybe you haven't set DNS in your ethernet interface. go to Network Connections and then Edit your ethernet interface. change the tab to IPV4 Settings and set DNS in Additional DNS Servers field like


I had the same problem with the latest 16.04 updates. Fixed as follows:

  1. Remove (or comment out) the below line from /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf: dns=dnsmasq
  2. Run service NetworkManager restart

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