Ubuntu: Problem with AngularJS and jQuery libraries in Ubuntu SDK - HTML 5 App


I'm trying to explore the "Ubuntu SDK" and just to test I made a "HTML 5 App". The app need to use angular library (such as: angular.min.js), jQuery library, and angular module for routing (angular-route.min.js), with this module I can fill an index page with other html views, but it doesn't work, it seems that it cannot find the angular libraries. Also, after installing it on my Meizu MX4 (with click package kit: all) the problem remain the same.

I checked this link https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/html-5/guides/introduction-to-the-html5-ui-toolkit/ without finding any solution.

Anyone has my same issue? Where am I wrong?

Thank you


I have solved my issue. The problem was caused from the library version of AngularJS. I have changed the library, and now all works fine.

Thank you.

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