Ubuntu: a package wants me to use a system mail name


the full question is: The 'mail name' is the domain name used to 'qualify' mail addresses without a domain name.

This name will also be used by other programs. It should be the single,  fully qualified domain name (FQDN).      Thus, if a mail address on the local host is foo@example.org, the  correct value for this option would be example.org       

then it tells me to enter it. this error came up while i was installing some required packages for Hamachi that it wouldn't install. thank you for any help.


The application is asking for your domain name for emailing. If you have a domain that you are on, you would just type that in like:


But if you don't have a domain that you are part of, the hostname of your computer would be the domain name. To get your hostname, it is either the name right after the @ in the terminal prompt, or you type in hostname from the prompt to get your hostname:

terrance@terrance-ubuntu:~$    terrance@terrance-ubuntu:~$ hostname  terrance-ubuntu  

Hope this helps!

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