Ubuntu: octave gui : typing text in command window is not visible


Hi I am student and I heard about octave gui I used the command octave --force-gui when I had version 3.8 and while typing in command window I was not able to see the text. Cursor was there but no text is to be seen.

I thought this could be a problem with the Ubuntu theme, but I tried different themes and still no luck. I opened configuration pop up and made any kind of setting but still no luck.

Yesterday I download the last octave release (octave 4.0) and thought the problem will no more occur, but unfortunately same problem remains.

I have the feeling it is not a octave problem but a Ubuntu 14.04 problem because octave gui works well in windows OS (I tested it).


I had the same exact problem on with Octave 3.8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04

This saved me:

sudo apt-get install octave-strings  

Thank you to steeldriver who mentioned octave-strings in this question!

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