Ubuntu: Not able to boot from CD/USB after intel_config_compare error Ubuntu 15.10


I have tried re-installing ubuntu desktop. It isn't helping.

I was transferring heavy files from file system to hard drive and suspended it for a while as the computer slowed down. I was not able to wake the system from suspension and so did a forced shut-down. When i booted it up again, it asked me to run fsck manually. I did that and after I got the message 'File system was modified' I typed exit in the terminal. Then instead of starting up, ubuntu got stuck in the start up screen and didn't proceed further. The error it shows is:

    intel_pipe_config_compare [i915] *ERROR* mismatch in ips_enabled (expected 1, found 0)  

tty 4 is working but without internet. tty 7 has this error. If i try booting ubuntu 15.10 from usb, its not getting recognised. Even windows installation CD isn't working. How do I get my ubuntu desktop without losing data?

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