Ubuntu: Network Bridge inside VM for LXD


I use ubuntu 16.04 in a kvm virtual machine. For lxd containers I try to make a network bridge, so the containers are available in our local network.

The interface file looks like this:

auto eth0  iface eth0 inet manual    auto br0  iface br0 inet dhcp     bridge-ifaces eth0     bridge-ports eth0     up ifconfig eth0 up     netmask     gateway     bridge_stp off     bridge_waitport 0     bridge_fd 0  

In the lxd init config I select the br0 interface. My lxd default profile has also the bridge selected.

When I setup now a new container, I don't get an IP for it.

brctl show gives this:

bridge name    bridge id            STP enabled      interfaces  br0            8000.5254008fde71    no               eth0                                                       vethCH64WJ  

How can I get this to work?


One way is to route the traffic, without using the network bridge:

ip route add via dev eth1  

A solution with network bridge is still welcome!

Another way is, to use a bridge interface on host (br0), not the kvm bridge. The containers get there IPs from the host.


This could be an emulation issue. You could try running:

dhclient eth0 -v

in the container and then checking out a related question for arm/qemu if you get an error message à la Error getting interfaces.

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