Ubuntu: Nautilus isn't displaying thumbnails for my NEF files (photo raw)


I'm not getting any thumbnails in nautilus for my NEF files (photo raw). Is there an easy way to repair this?


By default, Ubuntu doesn’t display thumbnails for NEF files. But you can try (as explained in this blog post) installing UFraw.

sudo apt-get install ufraw  

And if itÅ› not already existing, create a thumbnailer file /usr/share/thumbnailers/ufraw.thumbnailer, with content :

[Thumbnailer Entry]  Exec=/usr/bin/ufraw-batch --embedded-image --out-type=png --size=%s %u --overwrite --silent --output=%o  MimeType=image/x-3fr;image/x-adobe-dng;image/x-arw;image/x-bay;image/x-canon-cr2;image/x-canon-crw;image/x-cap;image/x-cr2;image/x-crw;image/x-dcr;image/x-dcraw;image/x-dcs;image/x-dng;image/x-drf;image/x-eip;image/x-erf;image/x-fff;image/x-fuji-raf;image/x-iiq;image/x-k25;image/x-kdc;image/x-mef;image/x-minolta-mrw;image/x-mos;image/x-mrw;image/x-nef;image/x-nikon-nef;image/x-nrw;image/x-olympus-orf;image/x-orf;image/x-panasonic-raw;image/x-pef;image/x-pentax-pef;image/x-ptx;image/x-pxn;image/x-r3d;image/x-raf;image/x-raw;image/x-rw2;image/x-rwl;image/x-rwz;image/x-sigma-x3f;image/x-sony-arw;image/x-sony-sr2;image/x-sony-srf;image/x-sr2;image/x-srf;image/x-x3f;  

This file basically say to exec ufraw-batch (with the good parameters) on any file with the specified mimetypes (including image/x-nef).


You can install the following packages, and Nautilus will start displaying thumbnails for NEF files without having to do any manual configuration.

sudo apt-get install libopenraw1 libopenrawgnome1 gnome-raw-thumbnailer  

source: Ubuntu Foums - viewing nikon NEF raw files?


I am using gnome 15.10 , got non problem with nikon.nef and canon.cr2 ,but no way to show thumbnails of nikon.NRW

  • I can get preview only by script using dcraw , but not in gnome-thumnailers

Here the script i set in nautilus :

#!/bin/bash  FILES="$@"  for i in $FILES  do  echo "Processing image $i ..."  /usr/bin/dcraw -e  $i thumb.$i  done  

Of course this make a new jpeg on side of the pic....

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