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I found out about the fish that tells you your fortune, but I also found out there was more then one type of them. Like this one But I wanna know is there any thing that is like this? Maybe one that doesn't crack corny jokes and weird quotes.


I think you are looking for Wanda the Fish indicator which apparently tells fortune.

The installation can be done either by adding the ppa (ppa:dylanmccall/indicator-fish) or via downloading deb file for your OS bit version ( amd-64 package for 64 bit os , and i386 for 32-bit os)

To add ppa , do

sudo bash -c 'apt-add-repository ppa:dylanmccall/indicator-fish && apt-get update && apt-get install indicator-fish  

Links for the deb files are provided in the linked article, which point to the launchpad page of the project

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