Ubuntu: LXLE's system monitor on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit


I would like to use the same application to manage my system resources as LXLE distro uses by default. I searched a lit bit on the web, but I couldn't find which is that app.

Thanks in advance


LXLE uses the LXDE desktop environment. LXTask is the default system monitor, so that could be what you're looking for - I can't know for sure since you haven't given any clue as to what it looks like.

You can find .deb download links for LXTask here

In case you're wondering, LXTask look like this:


Run, in a terminal, sudo apt-get install lxtask to install LXTask, LXDE's task manager.

(!!!) After installing, you're going to get a duplicate task manager entry in the Dash. You can run it from a terminal, with the lxtask command.


It is called lxtask. See here for the full list of software installed on LXLE.

You can get it from the Ubuntu Software Center or by running

sudo apt-get install lxtask  

from your terminal.

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