Ubuntu: Libreoffice Writer (soffice.bin) uses too much memory


As the title clearly describes, the process of Libreoffice Writer - soffice.bin - uses too much memory (1.22GiB) despite that there is only one document which is open & contains 13 pages. The size of the document is 78.7 KB.

Seems like a memory leak. Are there anyone who face this issue? If so, any workarounds are appreciated.

Here is the proof of this issue:


ps. My OS is Using 14.04.


The memory that is listed in your table is very likely the virtual memory of the soffice.bin.

If you run top, you can see the virtual memory use (VIRT) and the resident set size (RSS) of system processes. The resident set size is the non-swapped physical memory used by each process, minus a small amount of overhead. So it will give you a decent idea of actual memory usage.

VIRT or VSZ (Virtual Set Size) is the memory size assigned to a process during the initial execution. The Virtual Set Size memory is simply a number of how much memory a process has available for its execution.

If you don't have top installed, you can run:

ps ax -o rss,vsize,command|sort -nr|head -n 10  

this will give you the 10 most memory hungry processes. The first column printed is RSS and the second column is VIRT. If soffice.bin is in the list, it's VIRT should match what is in your table.

- http://www.unixlore.net/articles/quick-easy-way-monitor-process-memory-usage.html
- https://serverfault.com/q/48582
- https://linuxconfig.org/ps-output-difference-between-vsz-vs-rss-memory-usage - man ps

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