Ubuntu: Kernel panic at boot/Screen shuts off


if I try to boot any recent release. I get pages of messages regarding amd-vi io_page_fault and the kernel panics before anything happens. Or, booting in UEFI mode, the screen simply shuts off. I'm at my wit's end by now.

AMD FX 6300
AMD Radeon R9 380 (From MSI)
8gb RAM
Mainboard: Gigabyte 970A-DS3P (IOMMU is enabled. Found that hint on another site)


Please check if your RAM/Ghaphics memory is compatible with your system. If it is , please reply. Please also run memtest.


Success! Here is how:
Disable the IOMMU in the BIOS (if enabled before)
When the first purple screen appears, press any key to bring up the advanced boot menu
Hit F6 to bring up the editable boot options line.
Add iommu=soft
Continue booting. Everything should work now.
It appears to be an issue specific to Gigabyte mainboards.

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