Ubuntu: juju bootstrap unrecognized args


I am trying to setup juju on my ubuntu server. I did a fresh install two days ago and installed juju as per https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/getting-started.

I configured lxd to use an existing bridge, rather than using lxd-bridge. Lxd works fine and I have two lxd containers running sucessfully. However, when I try to run juju bootstrap lxd-test localhost, I get error: unrecognized args: ["lxd-test" "localhost"]. I also tried juju bootstrap lxd-xenial lxd and got error: unrecognized args: ["lxd-xenial" "lxd"]. Am I missing something?


It appears you're on either 14.04 (Trusty) or have managed to install Juju 1.25. The stable documentation is geared towards Juju 2.0 which is available in Xenial or by adding ppa:juju/devel. Once you have the latest version of Juju 2.0 installed you should be able to proceed with the instructions!

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