Ubuntu: Is there bittorrent software that runs in a terminal?


I want to deploy it on my vps server, so I can download resource quickly.

I want this function a lot, because some resource are in foreign country, so use this could reduce my time.



The default BitTorrent client of Ubuntu Desktop, Transmission, has a command line interface (which is not installed by default, the package is transmission-daemon). The daemon can be setup so that it may be interacted with through the terminal and through a web interface.

Transmission is a good bittorrent client because:

  • It's lightweight with either interface.
  • It's stable, never had it crashing.
  • It's easy to understand.
  • It has function expected of a modern bittorrent client, e.g. local peer discovery, full encryption, and support for DHT, µTP, PEX and magnet links.

For more info on its features, see this page.


rtorrentsoftware-center image

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I have written and detailed tutorial also about installation/configuration of rtorrent. Check it out here Tutorial : Using rtorrent on Linux like a pro

rTorrent Pro's

  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-fast Downloading Speed
  • Very Effective Bittorrent traffic encryption
  • Supported by all the private trackers
  • Uses libTorrent as backened. libTorrent

  • very customizable

rTorrent Con's

  • doesn't run as a daemon, thus requiring screen or dtach when you're not logged in to your vps.

  • It is difficult to set up for even a moderately complex system.


Deluge deluge install

Deluge is a fully featured, yet lightweight torrent client that is written in Python and utilises libtorrent(rasterbar) C++ library at its core.

  • Standalone or Thinclient mode (split core/ui) to enable connecting to daemon (deluged) running remotely or in the background.
  • Multiple user-interfaces, supports access from most platforms:

    • GTK UI

    • Web UI

    • Console UI

  • Many Plugins and application extensions

  • Supports all the usual bittorrent client functions: DHT, LPD, PEX, UPNP, Encryption, Proxy, etc.


aria2c install aria2c

A CLI downloader supporting HTTP, FTP, and Torrents.

To download a torrent:

aria2c file.torrent

You can also point it to a remote torrent file http://some web site here.com/file.torrent so you don't need to download the torrent file first.

Also note you can disable file allocation with this flag: --file-allocation=none.

Aria2c also supports parallel downloading on HTTP. Use the -j flag to determine how many threads. For 3 concurrent downloads of a single HTTP file see the following example:

aria2c -j 3 website.com/file.rar


Azureus install azureus

Azureus/Vuse also has a console mode. [disclaimer] I was one of the developers.

To use azureus in console mode, you will need to download a couple of additional libraries from http://svn.vuze.com/public/client/trunk/uis/lib/

  • commons-cli.jar
  • log4j.jar

If you place these in same the directory as the Vuze jar, you can launch the console ui by running:

java -jar Vuze-xxxx.jar --ui=console  

Inside the CLI, type help to view the commands. A couple of useful commands are:

  • show torrents
  • add [url]
  • start [x]
  • stop [x]
  • remove [x]

Here is example output from a 'show torrents' command

show torrents  > -----   1 [>] 025.6%   Azureus4.7.0.0.jar (13.26 MB) ETA: 1m 41s                  Speed: 295.1 kB/s / 0 B/s       Amount: 3.56 MB / 0 B   Connections: 11(20) / 0(4)    Total Speed (down/up): 296.6 kB/s / 2.2 kB/s  Transferred Volume (down/up/discarded): 3.56 MB / 0 B / 0 B  Total Connected Peers (seeds/peers): 11 / 0  > -----  

Take a look at http://wiki.vuze.com/w/Console_UI for more information :-)


I use it all the time :

sudo apt-get install bittornado  

To download torrents :

btdownloadcurses --max_uploads 4 --max_upload_rate 32 to_be_downloaded.torrent  


ctorrent install ctorrent

There is a similar question on stackoverflow.com.

The accepted answer there is CTorrent so I thought I should mention it here. The description of ctorrent from packages.debian.org is as follows:

This application is written in the C++ language and doesn't require any graphical component, such as an X server. Original ctorrent's upstream has stopped its development and now it's kept updated with new releases/bug fixes by a new developer. It's built as a console program and it can be even used remotely in a machine that provides outside ssh access.

For more info you can visit following sites:

there is also an enhanced version of ctorrent which can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/dtorrent/


Try utorrent linux alpha version. Its a headless server which can be controlled from your browser (web UI). http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/linux.


I use tget which is (in the author's words) "wget for torrents". It allows you do download using torrent files or magnet links. It is a node.js application.

tget 'magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0403fb4728bd788fbcb67e87d6feb241ef38c75a'  

To install:

npm install -g t-get  


I know it's an old question, but nobody mentioned peerflix.

Written in JavaScript, works great, super simple to use, has a nice, informative and colored interface.

Most importantly, it supports streaming of video and audio content through VLC (just launch it with the flag --vlc).

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