Ubuntu: Is there a “Edit mount options” (cog icon) in palimpsest in 12.04?


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I'm trying to change the default permissions of some automounted USB drives which are VFAT, and by this image:

http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/07/mount-partitions-automatically-ubuntu-14-04/ edit-mount-options

... I guess that I could do it from gnome-disks. However, this PC is:

$ cat /etc/issue  Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS \n \l  

... and so it doesn't have gnome-disks, it has palimpsest instead. So I tried opening both as regular user: palimpsest, and as root gksu palimpsest, but I get the very same screen:


That is - there is no cog icon anywhere, there is no "Edit Mount Options" anywhere either.

So I just wanted to make sure - does palimpsest in Ubuntu 12.04 have a cog-icon/"Edit Mount Options", but I have my PC misconfigured (i.e. maybe I have missing packages) - or is it incapable of changing mount options by default?


As far as I remember, gnome-disk-utility had no edit mount option at that time. It had Edit FileSystem Label, FileSystem type etc options.

I have one 12.04 ISO still now, but I think this question's screenshot will prove it. The OP here was running 12.04 and the screenshot is from gnome-disk-utility. There was no cog icon. It was later introduced.

What does the term "Extended Partition" mean? Is it safe to use this type of partition?

And the Ubuntu handbook was featuring a 14.04 gnome-disk which is different than 12.04's gnome-disk-utility

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