Ubuntu: Is my Ubuntu LTS EOL?


Lately whenever I run software update I get the message

enter image description here

suggesting that my version of Ubuntu is EOL. But when I run lsb_release -a I get

No LSB modules are available.  Distributor ID: Ubuntu  Description:    Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS  Release:    14.04  Codename:   trusty  

Which of these numbers should I pay attention to? 14.04 or 14.04.5? Because according to the release wiki support for 14.04.5 runs out on April 2019.


The message is saying that the hardware enablement stack that you are on is EOL. See the wiki page on HWE EOL notifications.

This is just one piece of Ubuntu, for those who are running it. It is not the same as the entire OS.

The HWE allows users to take advantage of later kernel improvements and bug fixes while staying on an older LTS version.

You should probably go ahead and upgrade the HWE, otherwise you may miss out on security fixes.

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