Ubuntu: Interrupted apt-get starting whenever I do anything with apt-get


Some time ago I followed those instructions, because I wanted Java 8: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/07/install-oracle-java-6-7-8-on-ubuntu-13-10/ Installation did not complete successfully. Now whenever I start apt-get with sudo apt-get <whatever>, after the command has executed, apt automatically runs the java installer again which fails every time. Now how do I stop the installer to run whenever I run apt-get?

I have also noticed that java installer keeps failing, but fills my disk space a lot. So a hint where these files are would also be welcomed.


You stop apt-get corrections with this:

apt-get install -f  

The packages oracle-java6/7/8-installer don't install any executable, this one in the config process, download and install java6/7/8 from oracle site in /var/cache/oracle-jdk8-installer you can see the downloaded files from oracle site in the dir.

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