Ubuntu: Installing ubuntu alongside windows 10 and freedos


My laptop came with freeDOS. I have already installed Windows 10 on my laptop alongside freeDOS. I now want to install Ubuntu 15.10 alongside Windows 10. I also want to remove freeDOS but I am not sure which partition it is installed on. Here are my partitions:


Please suggest the steps to remove DOS and install Ubuntu. I have shrunk the size of the C:\ drive and made a new partition F:\ specially for Ubuntu. Please suggest the further steps. Also, while installing Ubuntu it gives the option of installing alongside freeDOS but it does not give the option to install alongside Windows 10 and I don't know why. Thanks in advance.


You should choose the "something else" option (manual option) in the installation GUI.

Then you have to format ext4 the partition where you're going to install ubuntu and mount it as "/" (root). As for the bootloader I think that grub2 will automatically install if you have a BIOS/MBR machine..

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