Ubuntu: Installing Nvidia Graphics drivers on Ubuntu-GNOME 16.04


I am using Ubntu-GNOME 16.04 with GNOME 3.20

When I install Nvidia graphic drivers by sudo apt-get install nvidia-361 , I am facing the following problems.

During the installation of Nvidia-361, it asks me to select Default Display Manager with the following options

  • lightdm
  • gdm3

Consequences of selecting lightdm :

The login screen becomes like this :

enter image description here

I don't want this screen. I want the Default (nice) GNOME login screen.


When I enter my password and press enter, I get this screen for about 5 seconds :

enter image description here

Consequences of selecting gdm3 :

Well I get nothing!

After rebooting, Ubuntu loads ... then all of a sudden my display turns of. No Light. I have waited enough but alas :( no change.


I have tried both nvidia-361 in default repositories and nvidia-361 from ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa. No difference.

I also tried installing nvidia-364 and nvidia-367 from graphics-drivers:ppa , alas :( no much difference.

Using nvidia-364 or nvidia-367 :

When I tried these drivers, I could get GUI back. But I got stuck on the login page : login loop


You most likely have hit this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+bug/1559576 which renders Nvidia prime cards currently unusable. You can maybe try some workarounds provided in the comments, but these might not work. However please do share your findings!

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