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I bought a new laptop with win 10, and last night - after quite a bit of faffing around changing bios settings etc, managed to install Ubuntu 14.04 so I have dual boot. But, I thought Ubuntu looked a bit lack lustre (sorry!) after the sparkly win 10 experience that I briefly glimpsed (well, actually it,s all about trying to sell you stuff off of those darn tiles) but anyway... So I decided to give Gnome a try - I did have it once before briefly, on my last ailing laptop and it looked very nice. I found the download for an ISO of 16.04, burned the image (sorry, I just couldn't find the check sum thing) but when I insert the disc, it doesn't do anything. I can see all the files on there but its as if it is just that, files not a proper image. But I did use image burner software. I tried twice, once with Furious ISO mount and once following some online instructions, selecting "write to disc" but same thing both times. Am I missing something? I note there is no Wubi on the discs, as there is with the Ubuntu 14.04 disc image I have used successfully.

thanks... answers in plain English please :)


You have to boot from the disc.

In your BIOS settings (accessed by pressing the key you are told when the manufacturer's logo appears on start-up. Usually F12 or Esc), set the boot order to put Disc drive higher than HDD.

If you have a recent PC, you may not need to do that - there should be another key for a "boot menu" - press that and select CD/DVD.

I should note that if the PC you intend to install on is Windows 8 or later, you should disable Fast Startup in Windows' Control Panel if you want to access Windows drives while in Ubuntu. Also, if you have Win 8 or later, you probably have UEFI instead of BIOS - see this guide.

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