Ubuntu: Installing 3rd distro on my HDD


I use Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS and Linux Lite 3.0. How can I modify partitions to I can install 3rd distribution



UPDATE: Can't create more than one extended partition (thanks @ByteCommander), so creating a primary partition would still work in this case.

This would be my course of action in your case:

  1. Start up a LiveUSB and open gparted. Alternatively, if your /dev/sda6 partition is bootable and can run gparted, you can do this operation from there too.
  2. Shrink /dev/sda1 by however large you want your new installation to be.
  3. Create a blank ext4 partition in the free space you just took from /dev/sda1. Install to this space here.

So one thing I would suggest is creating a partition dedicated to hosting your /home so that you don't have to have multiple copies or links to your personal files between operating systems. This would also free up some space.

If you wanted to do that, just split the free space between an ext4 partition for /home and another ext4 for your new OS. There are other guides on Ask Ubuntu on how to move /home into that new partition. It is extremely helpful to do, and you keep a lot of customization and settings that you had from the other OS systems.

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