Ubuntu: Installed lxle 14.04.3 64 bit, it is running very slow. What will help? [closed]


I have a GT5411E Gateway. Intel Pentium D 914 Dual core 64 bit. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950. 500G hdd. 2 g of ram. Swap is listed at 3 g and it is on.

This is not dual boot, only Linux.

When I get booted and click on the menu it will take about 45-60 seconds before there is a response. Same with any program I try to run, but some times 2 minutes.

I have updated and gone to Synaptic and upgraded anything that was marked as needing update. I have gone to preferences and stopped almost everything that was on start-up.

I searched Google and have changed cache and memory loading time.

free -m               total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached  Mem:          1992       1522        470        103        191        779  -/+ buffers/cache:        551       1440  Swap:          996          0        996  


Delays of intermittent length often indicate a failing hard drive. Check Smart status to be certain. Sadly you may just have to replace the drive. Backup all your critical data as soon as possible as data recovery can be challenging from a failed drive.

Source: Experience

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