Ubuntu: Instal Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS on windows 10


I tired to install Ubuntu on Windows 10: 1. Prepared the USB drive using Universal USB Installer 2. pressed F12 to go to boot menure 3. selected the USB boot option 4. Selected Install rather than Try 5. then instead of proceeding to install Ubuntu, the Screen blinked and booted in Windows instead.

what could be the reason?


Disable hibernation and Fast Boot in Windows.

Open command prompt as administrator.

Execute this command : powercfg /h off

Open the old version of the Windows Control Panel.
Open Power Settings, enable show hidden settings.
Uncheck Fast startup in case that it still is enabled.

Shutdown the machine completely, do NOT reboot.
Start the computer - select the USB (UEFI) option ...

Maybe the install media is not configured properly.
Now create the Ubuntu installation media this way :

Open command prompt as administrator.

Execute these commands :

diskpart  list disk    select disk *    clean    create partition primary    active    format fs=fat32 quick    assign letter=**    

Note : * = number of USB drive | ** = select a free drive letter

Mount the ISO file - copy the whole content to the USB drive.

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