Ubuntu: How to set up systemd after failed upgrade


I recently upgraded Kubuntu via update manager from 14.04 to 15.10. Apparently a bad idea. I can now only get a loggin screen.

Startx results in:

(EE)  Fatal server error:  (EE)could not create lock file in /tmp/.tx0-lock  (EE)  (EE)please consult the The X.Org Foundation support at http://wiki.x.org for help   (EE)  xinit:giving up  xinit:unable to connect to xserver: connection refused  xinit:server error  xauth: error in locking authority file home/xx/xauthority  

I have learned that 15.10 uses systemd instead of upstart. How can I set up systemd? Or revert back to 14.04? Or to 15.04 if it uses either one?


This is not a matter of systemd but of sddm. Had a similar issue, which turned out to be a missing sddm.conf. Your installation is recoverable, just needs more details from your side in order to find out the best approach.

Can you reach a virtual terminal by simply pressing ALT+CTRL+F1 ? (return with ALT+F7) - This should be the case if you can see just the cursor upon boot with the current issue..

If so, just log in there with username/password (password is not echoed!)

then type `startx'

this will start the desktop-session

then simply install sddm-theme-maldives:

sudo apt-get install sddm-theme-maldives

Then go to systemsettings and select that theme. This will invoke the creation of the sddm.conf in /etc/. Then just reboot to recover and report back.

Since you asked for systemd:

sudo systemctl disable sddm # disables SDDM for maintenance

sudo systemctl enable sddm # enables SDDM after maintenance

The issue got also covered in Ubuntu-Forum (Oct.2015):


May be helpful for somebody having other DE's (Gnome, Ubuntu) coinstalled.

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